Significance of New York Knicks and Number 8


The #8 has a lot of significance throughout history for the New York Knicks.

For example, in 2021 the Knicks made the playoffs for the first time in 8 years.

NBA Finals

In 1999, the Knicks became the first 8 seed to ever make the NBA Finals (to this day, are still the only one). They lost the series 4-1, but the only game they won (game 3), they won by 8 (89-81).

The 1999 Finals were the Knicks 8th all-time Finals appearance.

Knicks lost to the Rockets in 7 games in 1994 Finals. John Starks shot just 2-18 and was held to 8 points (averaged 17.7 ppg in series).

In 1973, Knicks beat the Lakers in 5 games to win the championship. In game 5, Walt Frazier (18 points) and Earl Monroe (23 points) each hit 8 shots.

In 1970, Knicks beat the Lakers to win their first ever NBA title. Bill Bradley (17 points) and Dave DeBusschere (18 points) each hit 8 shots in the game 7 victory.

Madison Square Garden

Knicks have 8 different player jerseys hanging in the rafters (10, 12, 15, 15, 19, 22, 24, 33).

History of 8th Pick

The most notable #8 pick was Willis Reed. Hopefully the 2020 pick has his own “Here comes Willis” moment!

In 2020, Knicks drafted former College Player of the Year, Obi Toppin with the #8 pick.

Prior to that, in 2017, Frank Ntilikina was drafted #8.

Jordan Hill was the 8th pick in 2009 and was used to acquire Tracy McGrady, and ultimately the cap space used to sign Amare Stoudemire.

Channing Frye was the 8th pick in 2005 and traded a year later, along with Steve Francis, for Zach Randolph.

Jersey #8

Kemba Walker signed with the Knicks in 2021, and the former All Star will wear #8 as he returns home.

JR Smith wore #8 as a Knick and won Sixth Man of the Year in 2013. He played 80 games that season.

Danilo Gallinari was the Knicks first round pick in 2008 and wore #8 for 2.5 seasons before being traded for Carmelo Anthony.

Latrell Sprewell was a major part of the Knicks’ great teams 20 years ago, starting with their run to the NBA Finals as an 8 seed in 1999.

Stats and stuff

The following players spent 8 seasons with the Knicks – Bill Cartwright, Richie Guerin, John Starks, Kurt Thomas, Dick McGuire.

Walt Frazier and Bill Bradley both made the playoffs 8 times as Knicks

Mark Jackson averaged 8.0 assists per game in his career with the Knicks.

Patrick Ewing averaged 8.0 defensive rebounds per game in his playoffs career.

Knicks have had 8 head coaches since 2010. 




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