History of New York Knicks vs Defunct Franchises



How the New York Knicks have fared historically against defunct or re-located NBA franchises.

Defunct TeamKnicks’ Wins Opponent’s Wins
St Louis Hawks (1955-1968)4274
New Jersey Nets (1977-2012)8380
Charlotte Bobcats (2004-2014)2016
Philadelphia Warriors (1946-1962)7586
Buffalo Braves (1970-1978)2721
Minneapolis Lakers (1948-1960)4546
Vancouver Grizzlies (1995-2001)82
Seattle Supersonics (1967-2008)6051
Syracuse Nationals (1949-1963)6091
Rochester Royals (1948-1957)3331
Cincinnati Royals (1957-1972)5377
New Orleans Jazz (1974-1979)1110
Washington Bullets (1974-1997)7047

NBA Finals History

Knicks 0-3 vs “defunct” franchises in three straight Finals appearances. Knicks lost to Rochester Royals in 1951 and Minneapolis Lakers in 1952 and 1953.

Playoffs History

New Jersey Nets – 5-5 overall record in 3 series. Knicks were swept in 2004 and won 3-1 in 1994 first round on their path to the Finals.

Philadelphia Warriors – Lost both games in 1947 playoffs

Syracuse Nationals – Lost 4 of the 6 playoff series

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