Reasons Why Twitter Says Cincinnati Won’t Make College Football Playoffs


Twitter warriors believe Cincinnati Bearcats won’t make the College Football Playoffs this year. That’s totally fair, because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect others’ opinions. Especially when those opinions are backed by rationalize thoughts.

The problem is that opinions nowadays are rarely rationalized.

Here is a running list (to be updated as often as needed) of reasons that people have tweeted as to why Cincinnati won’t be in the playoffs. You’ll notice a lack of common sense, logic, and even truth in most of these.

  1. They suck
  2. Don’t play anyone
  3. Resume is trash
  4. Don’t deserve it
  5. Notre Dame sucks
  6. Would have lost to Indiana if McFadden wasn’t ejected for no reason
  7. Indiana beat themselves
  8. Notre Dame beat themselves
  9. Barely beat Notre Dame
  10. Only play MAC teams
  11. Play no ranked teams
  12. Eye test
  13. Wouldn’t win 3-4 games in Big Ten
  14. Anyone can go undefeated with their schedule
  15. Lost 42-0 to Ohio State in 2019
  16. Couldn’t even beat Georgia’s backups in Peach Bowl
  17. Blown out by Georgia in Peach Bowl
  18. Barely beat Notre Dame
  19. Defense is only good because they play noone
  20. Don’t get top recruits
  21. Would get blown out in CFP
  22. They would get smoked and embarrassed by Alabama
  23. Everyone in the top 10 would beat them by 4 TDs
  24. Would be an underdog against the entire top 10
  25. Out fundraised (I don’t know what this means, but it’s true)
  26. If UCF didn’t make it, they won’t make it
  27. Struggled with Tulane (won by 19, trailed for just over a minute – Oklahoma beat them by 5)

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