2020-21 College Basketball and College Football Overlapping Success


Schools to win a men’s tournament game AND bowl game

Alabama – 2 wins in each

  • MBB beat Iona in first round and Maryland in second round of NCAAT
  • Alabama beat Notre Dame in “Rose” Bowl and Ohio State in National Championship

Oklahoma State

  • MBB beat Liberty in first round of NCAAT
  • Football beat Miami in Cheez-It Bowl


  • MBB beat UNC in first round of NCAAT
  • Football beat Wake Forest in Duke’s Mayo Bowl


  • MBB beat Missouri in first round of NCAAT
  • Football beat Florida in Cotton Bowl

West Virginia

  • MBB beat Moorhead State in first round of NCAAT
  • Football beat Army in Liberty Bowl

Of the 50 teams to play in a bowl game, 18 schools also played in the men’s NCAA Tournament

Schools with a win in both men’s AND women’s NCAA Tournament

  • Oklahoma State
  • Oregon
  • Oregon State
  • West Virginia
  • UCLA
  • Alabama
  • Maryland
  • Syracuse
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Baylor

Note – Oregon, Michigan, Baylor all made Sweet 16 in both tournaments. Baylor is in Elite 8 in both.

Only 3 schools have a win in men’s AND women’s Tournaments AND a bowl game

  • Oklahoma State
  • West Virginia
  • Alabama

Men’s basketball and football conference champions

4 schools played in the conference championship game in both sports

  • Alabama went 2-0, winning SEC Championship football and basketball games
  • Ohio State and Cincinnati each won their respective football championship but lost basketball
  • Buffalo went 0-2 in MAC Championship Games

Among the major conferences, no school won both the men and women’s conference tournaments

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