College Football Teams With Surprising Losing Records Against Opponents


A fun look at some well-known and historically great college football programs, who have never beaten or have a losing record against inferior opponents.


0-3 vs Rice

Rice has played 12 bowl games all-time. Alabama has played 12 bowl games since 2012.

Rice won their first four bowl games, including the 1954 Cotton Bowl against Alabama, winning 28-6. Alabama would lose regular season games each of the next two seasons 20-0 in 1955 and 20-13 in 1956.

1-3 vs Boston College

Since 2009, Alabama has won 5 National titles. Boston College has won 10 or more games just 4 times in school history.

But Alabama has just 1 win in 4 chances against BC.

Tide won the 1943 Orange Bowl and have lost three straight since (1946, 1983, 1984).

0-1 vs UCF

Alabama and UCF have a lot in common and a lot of differences. In 2017, UCF beat Auburn and Alabama lost to Auburn. As a result, UCF claim a share of the National Championship, which Alabama won by beating Georgia.

Before the two schools shared the National title in 2017, Alabama lost 40-38 in 2000.

0-1 vs Northern Illinois

Nick Saban got his first head coaching job in 1990 at Toledo and Rockets went 9-2 that season.

All-time, Alabama has played just 4 games against the MAC, losing to Northern Illinois 19-16 in 2003, during Mike Shula’s first year as Bama head coach.


0-1 vs Rice

Is Rice the best college football program that no one knows or talks about? Owls are 3-0 against Alabama, 2-0 against Auburn, 4-3-1 against Florida. And in 1936, went into Athens, Georgia and beat the Bulldogs 13-6.

0-1 vs Miami Ohio

Georgia is a prestigious SEC school, with 13 SEC championships and 2 claimed National titles. But one thing they don’t have? A win over the Miami Redhawks from the MAC.

Georgia lost 21-10 in the 1974 Tangerine Bowl.


0-1 vs Cincinnati and 0-1 vs Rutgers

Cincinnati and Rutgers used to be rivals in the Big East. Now, Cincinnati is considered one of the better “group of five” teams and Rutgers is one of the worse “power 5” teams.

But other than sharing time in the Big East, another thing these schools have in common in shutting out LSU.

Cincinnati won 28-0 on January 3, 1898 and Rutgers won 25-0 on November 7, 1922.

Hard to believe that the defending National Champions have been outscored 53-0 to Cincy and Rutgers.


1-2 vs Temple

In the late 90s, things got so bad for Temple football that the Big East “expelled” them from the conference – kicking them out for not complying with standards such as attendance and competitiveness.

Funny to think that a program that bad, has won 2 out of 3 all-time games against one of the SEC’s top programs.

Gators won the most recent game in 1987, winning 34-3. They lost a home and home series in 1937-1938.

0-1 vs Indiana

LSU won the last bowl game of 2020, the National Championship. Indiana last won a bowl game in 1991.

In 1916, LSU lost on the road 14-3 to the Hoosiers.


0-1 vs Toledo

The 2008 season is one Michigan fans want to erase from history. Wolverines went 3-9 in the first season under Rich Rodriguez. The disaster included a 13-10 home loss to Toledo, after Michigan’s kicker missed a 26 yarder to tie the game with a few seconds left.

Penn State

0-1 vs Toledo

Like Michigan, Penn State has never beaten Toledo. In 2000, Nittany Lions lost their home opener to Toledo 24-6, to fall to 0-2 to start the season.

Notre Dame

0-1 vs UConn

In 2009, UConn shockingly went into South Bend and beat Notre Dame 33-30. In hindsight, this score is hilarious when you consider Notre Dame has been a playoff contender the last few years and UConn is more of a mid-level FCS team than a competitive FBS ones.


3-8-1 vs Vanderbilt

TEXAS IS BACK! Unless they aren’t? In the early 1900s, Texas was definitely, most certainly NOT back, when it came to playing Vanderbilt. The last meeting between the two was in 1928.

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